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Match InSurance

In 2021 Match InSurance, the industrywide mentoring programme, will kick off again!

What is Match InSurance?

Young professionals who just started their careers (mentees) in the co-insurance market are matched with the proverbial “old hands” (mentors) in the business for a period of eight months. In this period the pairs meet in different settings to exchange knowledge, share experiences and build up a network. A perfect way for young professionals to raise the level of their personal development and expand their networks, and for seniors to be inspired by the young.
Why sign up as a mentor or mentee?
Mentoring is a form of coaching and networking. It makes a valuable contribution to the mentee’s growth and success. Acknowledgement and recognition are important features of mentoring. Mentees achieve their goals sooner when supported and stimulated by someone who has travelled the same path. The strength of mentoring is the fact that all those involved benefit from it. The mentee feels more confident knowing they’re not on their own. The mentor has the opportunity to develop their own skills as a leader, trainer and coach.

How does it work?

This mentoring programme matches seniors with young professionals of various types of members and organisations in the market. This way both will get a broad view of the multi-faceted co-insurance market. The programme is focussed on tapping into the knowledge and experience of our mentors to help the mentees achieve their development and/or career goals, such as presentation, communication or network skills, increasing visibility, and learning how to structure their work.

Experiences former mentee and former mentor

“Fresh from university, with a law degree, I ended up in the insurance industry. A sector I’d never considered before and didn’t really know either. The Match InSurance programme that matches you with an ‘old hand’ in the business was an excellent way for me, right after the start of my first job, to learn more about the insurance market. To get as much out of it as you can, you have to work out your own action plan. With my mentor I discussed things like career planning and we worked on my presentation skills. The thread of our talks was that you need to (be bold enough to) show initiative if you want to accomplish things: a valuable lesson at the start of your career!” 
Diana Meuffels - Claims Adjuster, Financial Lines (Chubb)

"The insurance industry’s image among many young people is that of dullsville. A gross misperception in my view, but it does mean we all have to pull together to retain young professionals that choose to work in this industry. In that context not only their individual job content is of importance (which has to be challenging), but also the opportunities to acquire specialist knowledge of other professions in the industry and to build up a network. The mentor-mentee pathway is a good way to deepen their understanding of the business. A few years ago I was a mentor to several ‘Young Insurance Professionals’. Of course, the question remains: who learns most from whom? Because the way young newcomers to the industry look at certain issues is often refreshing and a source of inspiration to the mentor too." 
Rianne Baumann - Chief Broking Officer (Raetsheren van Orden B.V.)
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Match InSurance 2021
  • Start: June 2021
  • Duration: 8 months
  • Achievement of development and/or career goals
  • Personal development
  • Expansion of network