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Introductions Co-insurance

VNAB offers newcomers to the market the introduction Co-insurance. There are three different editions for the insurance classes: liability, property and marine. During these introductions you’ll get to know the market, market parties, their responsibilities, objectives and the mutual relations. And you’ll extend your network in the process.

All three editions start in the first quarter of each year and take about 5 months. The programme is made up of seven afternoons and a concluding session. The afternoons are hosted by VNAB members at their business locations. The first and last sessions of all three editions are hosted by VNAB and take place at the same time at the VNAB knowledge and meeting centre. At each session participants will work on an industry-specific case.

For whom?

The introductions are intended for new recruits in one of the three named insurance classes in the corporate insurance market.

Experiences former participants

“The Introduction Co-insurance Liability started off online due to covid restrictions. The enthusiastic speakers made the sessions interesting and interactive. You learn a lot about the speakers’ jobs and everything that comes into play. This way, the course gave a clear insight into the links in the chain and how they relate to each other. It got even better once we were allowed to attend the sessions in person. I really enjoyed getting to know fellow professionals in this setting. It allows you to start building up a network straightaway. Which immediately showed its practical value, because soon after we met again at a Young InSurance event! How nice is it to see some familiar faces? All in all, this course really provides added value for new entrants in the co-insurance market!” 
Marloes Horstman - Lawyer (JPR Advocaten)

"After more than 20 years in account management, I made the move to purchasing at the beginning of 2022. Despite years of insurance-related experience, I deliberately chose to sign up for the Introduction Co-insurance Property as my knowledge of the co-insurance market was limited. I found this introduction extremely useful. The first two sessions were digital due to the pandemic. As of the third one it was possible to actually come together again. This was a huge networking booster as there’s nothing like meeting face-to-face. We were divided into study groups made up of a mix from different disciplines. With this group you prepare assignments and do breakout sessions during the meetings. This way, you get to know your fellow students and learn to connect with them on a professional level, making it a lot easier to pick up the phone and give them a call. The lunch that concluded each session is a nice way to have a chat afterwards with participants and speakers and meet new people. I found the session on inspections particularly fascinating. It dealt with the latest market developments like recycling & waste, solar panels, and lithium-ion. Very practice-based and immediately applicable on the job. In conclusion, I’d highly recommend this introduction to everyone who wants to extend their network in the co-insurance market and gain in-depth knowledge about the market and market parties." 
Jaap van der Wagen - Placement Broker Property (Rabo Assurantie Maatschappij)

"As of 1 January 2022, I work as underwriter marine co-insurance at Nationale-Nederlanden. That very same month I signed up for the Introduction Co-insurance Marine. The first sessions were digital, but by creating study groups, you still had interaction with your fellow students. For each session we got an assignment to go over together, so we had an idea of the speaker’s job content in advance. This makes the course very interactive.
How great it was when we were allowed back on location to meet everyone “live” and have the chance to extend our networks. Everything is extremely well-organised on location. This course deals with so many aspects, shows how versatile the industry is and how many different directions there are to choose from. Plus, compliments to the speakers at this course for being so generous with their time and talking so passionately about their jobs. That’s why I recommend this course to everyone!
Jacqueline van Hoorn - Underwriter Marine (Nationale-Nederlanden)
Vermeulen BSc, N. (Nienke)Coordinator Events & Communication+31 (0)10 253 20 66n.vermeulen@vnab.nlLinkedIn