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Introductions Co-insurance

VNAB offers newcomers to the market the introduction Co-insurance. There are three different editions for the insurance classes: liability, property and marine. During these introductions you’ll get to know the market, market parties, their responsibilities, objectives and the mutual relations. And you’ll extend your network in the process.

All three editions start in the first quarter of each year and take about 5 months. The programme is made up of seven afternoons and a concluding session. The afternoons are hosted by VNAB members at their business locations. The first and last sessions of all three editions are hosted by VNAB and take place at the same time at the VNAB knowledge and meeting centre. At each session participants will work on an industry-specific case.

For whom?

The introductions are intended for new recruits in one of the three named insurance classes in the corporate insurance market.

Experiences former participants

“I attended the first edition of the Introduction Co-insurance Liability and enjoyed it very much. I was in an enthusiastic group, with participants from all corners of the insurance industry. The speakers, the case study and my fellow students allowed us to take a look behind the scenes at each other’s business. Interesting and fun to see what it is that connects all parties!” 
Evelien Boonzaaijer - Lawyer (Dirkzwager legal & tax)

"The first session of the Introduction Co-insurance Property took place when I had just been working for one month at Concordia de Keizer. In seven weeks’ time we covered the entire process of concluding a co-insurance policy, including the consequences of a claim and a potential lawsuit. At each session we were given assignments that made us think along with and put ourselves in the place of the people you would normally do business with. Definitely a must for every newcomer to the market! With my one-month experience in the co-insurance market, the course was just what I needed as I broadened my knowledge, met lots of people and built up my network, all in a short time." 
Sophie den Breejen - Specialist Property (Concordia de Keizer)

"In January 2019 I took the Introduction Co-insurance Marine course, at the time I had been working in the insurance industry for exactly one year. With a working knowledge of the industry and its customs I started the course, not knowing what to expect. With a diverse club of insurers, brokers and loss adjusters, we kicked off with a session on Lloyd’s of London (one of my favourite subjects). Everyone is familiar with the “traditional parties” like brokers and insurers, but the course covers more than that. Especially the sessions on the reinsurer and the insurance manager were valuable to me. They may not be the parties newcomers to the industry tend to get in touch with, but they are every bit as interesting and valuable as the traditional parties. I for one learned that there are far more career options besides working for an insurer or a broker. Because the sessions were interactive, you would get totally wrapped up in it. At our final session with a lawyer, participants got the chance to argue their case. The course also included a continuous interactive case that was dealt with throughout the sessions. The network aspect and the variety of subjects make this the perfect course for newcomers (and senior staff) to the fascinating world of (marine) insurance."
Soner Calim - Claims specialist Marine (Allianz Nederland Corporate)
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