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Risk Insurance Traineeship

The VNAB considers investing in young talent one of its priorities. Developments like ageing and higher life expectancy will reduce the working population, which makes it more of a challenge to recruit competent (potential) professionals. Another thing is that the corporate insurance market is relatively unknown among young professionals. Our industry needs a new generation of employees who rapidly develop into full-fledged professionals with an intimate knowledge of the insurance business.

Market-wide traineeship

The traineeship is intended for young professionals who have not yet decided on a career path. A traineeship that meets the need for a new generation with all-round knowledge that rapidly develop into full-fledged professionals. Not an in-company programme, but a development process including knowledge development, knowledge sharing, and on-the-job training periods at all stages in the chain.

Start pilot group
The first pilot group of trainees will kick off in September 2021. Enthusiastic about it? Please contact Martine Laarman, Knowledge & Training officer, for more information, to contribute to and/or sign up for the traineeship.


Michiel Bredius (partner at Klap and active in the working group traineeship):
"The co-insurance market is often seen as the Champions League of the insurance industry and then you obviously need top-class players. This traineeship will help recruit top-class talent and retain them for our fascinating market.

Laarman, M. (Martine)Coordinator Knowledge & Education+31 (0)10 253 20 08m.laarman@vnab.nlLinkedIn
Traineeship 2021
  • Start: september 2021
  • Period: 12 months
  • On-the-job training at: broker (5 months), insurer (5 months) and loss asjuster (2 months)
  • Comprehensive training & development programme
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