Dutch Insurance Exchange Association

Management Information System

The Management Information System (MIS) was developed to make reports and e-ABS data available to VNAB members. 


In 2014 MIS 2.0 was released, initially allowing the generation of three (standard) operational management reports:

  • Outstanding approvals Placement
  • Outstanding approvals Claims
  • Response time insurers Placement

In 2017 two more reports were added to MIS concerning Sanction costs (entries):

  • Sanction costs
  • Template bookings Sanction costs (for brokers only)

In 2018 we started developing the MIS functionality to retrieve and export e-ABS data. This allows members to make analyses based on various search filters and export them to Excel for further data processing. 

At the end of 2018 MIS 3.0 was released. This is a restructured version of MIS, which facilitates the retrieval and export of e-ABS booking data. 

In 2019 more 'retrieve and export’ functionalities will be added for e-ABS data:

  • Data of operating companies, users, groups, non-VNAB insurers and pools
  • Policy file data 
  • Claim file data

In addition, MIS will be extended to include data from the Sanctionpl@tform, so these data will also be available to make reports and analyses. 

More information

For more information about MIS, please go to Help.VNAB.nl. Here you’ll also find the release planning of scheduled developments.