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In March 2018 VNAB introduced the iDOSpl@tform, initially under the project name `Structured data'. A survey showed that the co-insurance market would benefit from a further integration of policy and claims data. iDOS is short for insurance Data and Objects Sharing. The platform facilitates the user-friendly and structured data exchange between parties involved.

The impotance of structured data

Data quality, data analysis and data exchange are becoming more and more important in the corporate insurance market. It is of relevance for reasons of cost efficiency and better customer experience. Plus, it helps support the decision-making about new business and changes in data. We have to comply with statutory requirements as well, including the provision of a cumulation statement and the structured recording of object information.

It is a huge challenge to placement brokers and underwriters to agree with parties inside and outside their organisations about the form and structure of policy data. VNAB analysis showed that on average object data are copied or re-entered seven times between all parties involved when recording a new policy.

VNAB’s iDOSpl@tform facilitates the user-friendly and structured data exchange between parties involved, which will help realise the necessary quality improvement of data. An online web application to record, retrieve, change and share policy data. The platform has links to external sources and e-ABS. A specifically developed webservice allows you to link it to your back office application.

Recording and quality

  • Managing object information (Inland Marine, Property, Pleasure craft, Mechanical/Land-based Equipment, Ocean Marine)
  • Recording of premium & cover
  • SIVI -AFD- standardised
  • Links to external sources (Land register)

Sharing and improving

  • Sharing object information with insurers 
  • Generating customer specifications
  • Completing/sharing data with surveyors
  • Environment for the policyholder to provide information and request changes
  • Sharing with e-ABS

For whom?

The iDOSpl@tform is available for use by various parties. When placing/underwriting a policy, users can, depending on their role, view or manage data:

  • Policyholder
  • VNAB broker
  • VNAB insurer
  • Underwriting agency
  • Surveyor



  • Up-to-date overview and the possibility to request changes

VNAB broker

  • Simplified and more efficient processing of changes
  • Uniform method to record and share specifications with customers and insurers
  • Quick search and export of object information throughout the portfolio

VNAB insurer/underwriting agency

  • Structured supply of (policy) data
  • Standardised data exchange
  • Improved data quality and analysis
  • Meeting specific Solvency II requirements
  • Availability of data to submit improved quotes


  • Simplified (centralised) sharing of surveyor’s information and linking it to the relevant objects

More information & release notes

For more information and release notes on the iDOSpl@tform, please go toHelp.VNAB.nl

Support iDOSpl@tformFunctional Management+31 (0)10 253 20 05idos@vnab.nl