Dutch Insurance Exchange Association


After 400 years the physical insurance exchanges ceased to exist in 2004, when the decision was made (for financial-economic reasons) to close the exchange floors in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The VNAB intended to provide its members with a modern and efficient infrastructure for direct communication and online trading in the co-insurance market. In cooperation with our members e-ABS (electronic Insurance Exchange System) was developed. After e-ABS first became operational for Claims in 2008, the Placement and Clearing modules were implemented in 2010 and 2011.

What is e-ABS?

e-ABS is an integrated online system that facilitates communication and policy, claims and financial data exchange between brokers, insurers and loss adjusters. The brokers supply policies and claims to e-ABS, whereupon insurers either approve or refuse the policy (documents) and claim (statements) in e-ABS. The corresponding financial data entries are also supplied to e-ABS. e-ABS allows loss adjusters to receive assessment instructions, communicate and upload their claims assessment reports.

The system allows two modes of operation: via an internet browser and by a link to internal systems (of brokers and insurers) via webservices. By using these webservices single data entry suffices, which will realise optimum efficiency.

All three modules are linked, which allows single data entry, resulting in streamlined processes.

This is where all processes take place to obtain cover for a risk, to create a policy file and manage a policy. The policy file provides the basis for `Claims’, where claims are settled. `Clearing’ can also be started from the policy file.

In the event of a claim, the broker creates a claim file attached to an existing policy file in e-ABS. The processing of the entire claim settlement procedure is supported by e-ABS. The corresponding book entries can be started or the underlying policy file accessed from the claim file.

This is where the premium and claim book entries are shown. This e-ABS module used to be the Bourse Clearing System (BCS). The broker supplies the book entry data related to the relevant policy or claim file. This can be done via defined screens, but also in batch, via XML or via webservices. The insurers can collect the supplied book entries and process the data in their own systems via a link or export.

De development of the functionality of e-ABS is an ongoing process. For more information about e-ABS, go to Help.VNAB.nl. Here you’ll also find the release planning of scheduled developments.


With the trade platform e-ABS the VNAB enables its members to serve their customers in the best possible way. It facilitates extensive transactions between insurers, brokers and loss adjusters operating in the corporate insurance market. The VNAB keeps investing in e-ABS to have a state-of-the-art trade platform in place for its users. The role of market supervisor also includes the responsibility to make sure that agreed rules of conduct and other rules of the game are regularly updated and complied with. For documents related to VNAB membership and the use of e-ABS, please consult theregulations.

Protocol e-ABS

The rules for the use of e-ABS are laid down in a protocol. This protocol is available on the above-mentioned page ‘regulations’ under ‘VNAB compulsory regulations and protocols’. This protocol first sets out a few basic agreements and general communication guidelines, followed by e-ABS module-specific agreements.

The protocol is managed by VNAB’s e-ABS User Groups (Claims, Placement and Clearing). Suggestions about additions or alterations can be submitted via Functional Management VNAB. This way new insights into or experiences with the use of e-ABS may be laid down in an agreement. Alterations in the protocol will be announced via your organisation’s contact and included in this page.

ISAE 3000D certification

 The e-ABS application has been certified in accordance with the ISAE 3000D standard. Mazars carries out the annual audit. Click here to view the confirmation of the certification in English.

Connection to e-ABS

If you want to find out more about e-ABS or are interested in the different membership options please contact VNAB's Manager Member Affairs & Marketing.

Advantage e-ABS
  • Single data entry
  • Standardised data recording
  • More time for personal interaction 
  • Comprehensive files
  • Increased transparency and easy reference
  • Considerable cost savings and improved efficiency