Dutch Insurance Exchange Association
"The VNAB supports its members in their success in the corporate insurance market based on three strategic pillars"

Who are we?

The VNAB (Dutch Insurance Exchange Association) is the Dutch sector organisation for the corporate insurance market. Our members provide insurance solutions combined with risk management consultancy for extensive and complex risks. The VNAB represents the sector’s interests by facilitating the market by means of efficient ICT systems (e-ABS, Sanctionpl@tform and iDOSpl@tform), by promoting the development and transfer of knowledge, by addressing themes that are of relevance to the sector, and by pursuing an active policy on the sector’s reputation.

The VNAB supports its members in their success in the corporate non-life insurance market based on three strategic pillars:

1. Market supervison

With the advanced ICT system e-ABS the VNAB enables its members to serve their customers in the best possible way. It facilitates extensive transactions between insurers and brokers in the corporate insurance market. e-ABS allows data exchange between brokers, insurers and loss adjusters on quotes, policies, claims, and financial processing.

Secondly, our Sanctionpl@tform is the only platform that fully supports the Sanctions regulation-compliant conduct of Customer Due Diligence and Transaction Due Diligence reviews. The platform is designed to be used for co-insurance, authorised underwriting and non-bourse policies.

The third and latest VNAB ICT system, the iDOSpl@tform, facilitates the user-friendly and structured data exchange between parties. An online web application to record, search, change and share policy data.

The VNAB keeps investing in and developing its ICT systems to have state-of-the-art platforms in place for its users. The VNAB further considers it its responsibility to address market-related themes and developments and to communicate a relevant vision. Enabling members and market parties to work together and share their knowledge, will help improve the market’s efficiency and quality. Where possible, the VNAB consults with regulators and other sector organisations in the insurance market. In its role of market supervisor the VNAB makes sure that agreed rules of conduct and other rules of the game are updated and complied with.

2. Knowledge

A rapidly developing market requires a continuous supply of up-to-date information and knowledge management. The VNAB aims to share up-to-date and relevant information with its members and partners by making it readily accessible. In order to realise this, professional competence and human resources play a key role, so VNAB works on:

  • organising various knowledge sessions like Lunch & Learns and the VNAB college,
  • pursuing an active labour market communication policy,
  • developing a market-wide Risk Insurance Traineeship
  • and keeping the professionals in our industry permanently up-to-date beyond the legally required level through the VNAB professional competence tool.

3. Meeting and connecting

The former DNB branch office at Boompjes in Rotterdam now houses the VNAB knowledge and meeting centre. The centre of the corporate insurance market where professionals meet each other, work together and share their knowledge in an ambience that reflects the spirit of the new times. All facilities the centre has to offer are available to VNAB members and associated partners, such as various conference rooms, a flexible event floor complete with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, parking space, top quality coffee, and a wide range of lunch and catering services.

Dutch Insurance Exchange Association+31 (0)10 253 20 00info@vnab.nl
Our marketThe corporate insurance market, or co-insurance market, is where generally highly complex or (financially) extensive risks are insured. So extensive that the risks are too high to be borne by a single insurer. In that case two or more insurers share the risk on one policy, which is why it is called `co-insurance’.