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Membership insurers

One of the VNAB memberships is specifically designed for insurers and authorised underwriting agents operating in the Dutch corporate insurance market. Insurers applying for membership have to meet certain admission requirements and they are obliged to comply with applicable rules of conduct.


As VNAB member you’ll have licence-based access to e-ABS. This system facilitates digital, fast and efficient data exchange with insurers and loss adjusters. The broker supplies policies and claims to e-ABS, whereupon insurers either approve or refuse the policy (documents) and claim (statements) in e-ABS. The corresponding financial data entries are also supplied to e-ABS. e-ABS allows loss adjusters to receive assessment instructions, communicate and upload their claims assessment reports.

e-ABS can be accessed via an Internet browser or from your own back office system, in which case a link with e-ABS is established via webservices. e-ABS has links to the Sanctionpl@tform, the iDOSpl@tform, and the data from e-ABS are available in MIS to produce reports and statements.


As a member you’ll also have access to the Sanctionpl@tform. This platform identifies (prospective) business relations and checks them against the sanction lists. The standardised and computerised operation of the online application facilitates efficient and effective Sanctions Act-compliant reviews. All these reviews are stored on the platform and are accessible by co-insurance market parties (with a link to e-ABS, so policies and claims in e-ABS show whether a Sanctionpl@tform review has been conducted).

The VNAB Sanctionpl@tform is the only platform that fully supports the conduct of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Transaction Due Diligence (TDD) reviews required by EU and US regulations. The Sanctionpl@tform also allows you to establish a link to your own back office system via webservices.


The latest ICT system made available to members is the iDOSpl@tform. In March 2018 the VNAB introduced this platform, initially under the project name `Structured data'. A survey showed that the co-insurance market would benefit from a further integration of policy and claims data. iDOS is short for insurance Data and Objects Sharing.

The platform facilitates the user-friendly and structured data exchange between parties involved, which will help realise the necessary quality improvement of data. An online web application to record, retrieve, change and share policy data. The platform has links to external sources and e-ABS. A specifically developed webservice allows you to link it to your back office system.

Management Information System (MIS)

In MIS data are available from e-ABS (and soon from the Sanctionpl@tform). The system can be used to generate various standard reports. By the end of 2018 the functionality to retrieve and export data was made available. This allows members to produce statements using various search filters and export them to Excel for further data processing and analysis.

Knowledge and events

Members are able to take part in all VNAB activities. The VNAB organises various events focussed on knowledge, meeting and connecting, like Lunch & Learns, bourse get-togethers, Introductions Co-insurance, and the New Year’s reception.

Together with the VNAB you can invest in young talent. For instance by joining in the Risk Insurance Traineeship or the project Market Promotor.

As a member you also receive our magazine VNAB Visie, featuring industry-specific and sector-related subjects, with contributions from various parties related to the corporate insurance market.

VNAB knowledge and meeting centre

The former DNB branch office at Boompjes in Rotterdam now houses the VNAB knowledge and meeting centre. The centre of the corporate insurance market where professionals meet each other, work together and share their knowledge in an ambience that reflects the spirit of the new times. All facilities the centre has to offer are available to VNAB members, such as various conference rooms, free flexible workspaces, a flexible event floor complete with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, parking space, top quality coffee, and a wide range of lunch and catering services. As a member you can reserve rooms at a reduced rate.

Voting rights and fees

The membership fee and the number of votes are subject to the number of e-ABS licences purchased. The minimum purchase of licences for members is two. The first membership year is based on two licences which entitles you to one vote. After that the number of licences as at 1 January will determine the number of votes in the same year.

Want to join as insurer member?

Do you want to join as insurer member? Please contact us, then we’ll be glad to send you the application form. After receipt of the completed application form, the application is submitted to the Executive Committee. In case of the application being rejected, it is possible to lodge an objection with the VNAB Disputes Committee.

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Admission requirements and rules of conduct
  • Voting right
  • Access to e-ABS
  • Access to Sanctionpl@tform
  • Subscription to VNAB Visie
  • Admission to VNAB events
  • Free flexible workspace at the VNAB knowledge and meeting centre
  • Rent rooms at the VNAB knowledge and meeting centre at a reduced rate
  • Availability model conditions and clauses