Dutch Insurance Exchange Association

VNAB professional skill

A rapidly developing market requires a continuous supply of up-to-date information. The VNAB wants to make relevant knowledge easily accessible and share it with its members. Below you’ll find a list of the VNAB knowledge supply. 

Introductions Co-insurance

The VNAB offers newcomers to the market the Introductions Co-insurance. There are three different editions for the insurance classes: liability, property and marine. During these introductions you’ll get to know the market, market parties, their responsibilities, objectives and the mutual relations. And you’ll extend your network in the process.

Lunch & Learn

Every other week the VNAB organises a Lunch & Learn @VNAB at the VNAB knowledge and meeting centre. The theme of these meetings is knowledge management aimed at sharing specific knowledge focussed on current trends. They are hosted by expert speakers who address topics related to one of the five insurance classes (property, cyber, engineering, marine or casualty) or a sector-wide theme. At the same time the Lunch & Learns serve as a platform for interaction and discussion about the topic.

VNAB college

In collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the VNAB organised its very first VNAB college in 2019. An afternoon for attendants to return to the classroom to improve their knowledge of a subject that changes from year to year.

e-ABS training courses

The VNAB provides training courses for the e-ABS Placement, Claims and Clearing modules. These training courses take one day and are given at the VNAB knowledge and meeting centre in Rotterdam. The fee is €405,- per module.

VNAB Visie

Twice a year the VNAB publishes the trade magazine VNAB Visie. Each issue features an industry-specific or sector-wide theme, like technical and marine insurance but also new risks. In VNAB Visie various parties related to the corporate insurance market share their expertise with the market. VNAB members – brokers, insurers, associate and administrative partners - take a key part in it.

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